Take care my Demon King

Webtoon review! Welcome back to my blog! This webtoon is produced by Shenjoy Animation it is under the genre(s): Ecchi, drama, fantasy, romance, and supernatural. I’m excited! I hope you are too because here it goes.

Oooh, okay this webtoon started strong. The intro about losing love and finding the person you love even if it took you a long time really put me at the edge of my seat. Leng Yexuan is our first character, he was the one talking in the intro, I think he is somewhere in outerspace, and he has black angel wings. Talk about unnecessary aesthetic overload.

And don’t even get me started with his missing bandongkadongks. Our next character is Lin Yunyun, who is crying and drinking because her 8 year boyfriend broke up with her and she just started screaming on the rooftop. Oh and she also decided to jump off the rooftop, great, wait what?! Okay, I can’t explain what happened next but I think she didn’t want to fall but she did and Leng Yexuan caught her (of course).

So Lin Yunyun asked Leng Yexuan who he is and he introduced himself as the God of Thunder, just kidding, as the Demon King, Ruler of the Living, Last God of Punishment, Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the first of her name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the first men, Queen of Meereen, Khalisee of the Grass Sea, Protector of realm, lady Regent of the seven kingdoms, breaker of chains, the mother of dragons.
While Lin Yunyun and Leng Yexuan is having their moment in midair, Lin Yunyun gave us her introduction. She works at a games company and she is in a steady relationship with Wen Xuan (he breakin up with you gurl and you will end up with our Demony Kingy because if you don’t, this webtoon aint gonna progress) they’ve been dating since they were 17, and since then he had the same bored look. This character by far has the most boring face I have ever seen. The artist basically used the same experssion in his face for 3 pages with only his mouth slithly changing.

Anyway Lin Yunyun forgot that it was their anniversary, well fudge, if my boyfriend had the same expression for 8 years I would probabaly forget our anniversary too. Anyway Wen Xuan told LinYunyun that he wants to break up because he had fallen for another man.


Well shiz, that explains the constant bored look. And Lin Yunyun is taking it like a ducking pro! She is like: “I understand” and “Thats why you were not intimate with me” GURL WAKE UP! Or Authors wake up! A normal girl will flip hearing about this! She’s been dating the guy for 8 years! 8 MOTHER FRIGGING YEARS! Oh no wait, she blew up! Hahaha! She flipped real hard! Yay!

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Oh and Wen Xuan actually broke up with Lin Yunyun because she’s too manly… Just WHAT?! In anger Lin Yunyun asked for the heavens to struck down Wen Xuan, and it did happen, and not only that, Leng Yexuan appeared. Well isn’t that convenient? Here’s your new boyfriend Lin Yunyun. Leng Yexuan just up and grab her. Oh and apparently Leng Yexuan is a pushy mind reader who is asking Lin Yunyun who she is… Really?

REALLY?! You go and abduct a girl against her will, says that she is who you have been looking for and asks who she is… Okay, fine, that’s how you roll.

Okay I am going to end this review here, there are 4 chapter in this webtoon and honestly… I don’t know, I did not enjoy it that much. I feel like the story is ordinary, there is nothing new about it. I mean there are funny moments about this webtoon and some unexpected turns but it just did not do it for me but still, why don’t you guys check it out and see for yourself. Byeee! ^ω^

I Wanted to be Hurt by Love

Finally I dug my nails deeper (Oh wow) into the manga finder and found a manga which is not that popular yet and hopefully the story is good.

Author: Shiruka Bakaudon

Genre(s): Seinen, Ecchi, Drama, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy, School life

Holy mother of balls, I just started and the manga… Well its just… Wow… its really dark. The art itself is something you will see in a horror genre. I am not being exaggerated this is the second page.

That is waaaaaaaay too much blood for a nose bleed and why is the police involved?

So the story started with Kanae eating and talking with a group of girls who claims to be her friends and then there is these two other girls who are asking for their seats back but Kanae’s friends ends up bullying them, Kanae felt bad for the other girls, but ends up bullying them too. In Kanae’s defense I think she wants to fit in real bad because she is having these memories from when she was bullied and she doesn’t want to end up being bullied again… But yeah she took the cowardly choice and saved for own skin.

She was badly bullied in her previous school. Now she is doing everything she can to blend in. Poor Kanae. So Kanae and her “horrible friends” went to the karaoke with boys from a different school and then Kanae starts having these thoughts about social hierarchy where in the popular guys looks like kings and the girls looks like princess, and she looks like she’s having second thoughts about herself. In short she doesn’t feel like she fits in their circle.

Anyway she is terrified so baldy that she doesn’t fit in, she panicked and cried outside and then a boy a found her. The boy’s name is Hiroshi, he is popular. Kanae said her early goodbye to her so-called friends and Hiroshi followed her. Kanae is literally having breakdowns every second. In the middle of her breakdown uhh… She became someone else. A mindless girl just looking for someone who she can be with, someone who needs her, a place where someone accepts her, and boom Kanae became a slut named Kanami.

Oh my gobface…uh whut. This manga just took a sharp turn where I’m not even sure where the hell this is going. Kanami met up with a horny older dude and went in a motel. The dude is not even hot, he looks like a pig! Oh my gobface is this normal for Kanae or Kanami?! She even has her own hooker name.

If I were to be a hooker I’d choose a banging name like “Dutchess Valentine” or “Sweet Clitoris”…yeah the second one is terrible.

Oh my gobface! It is hoggingly ecchi gaddamit, its not even the kind of ecchi that you’d be happy to see, this is just… Bleeeeck! Well atleast she got paid for her ‘service’ (-___-)

Obviously Kanae is messed up. She has sex with random dudes to feel needed and wanted… I mean gurl, I don’t know what Fifty Shades has taught you but SEX does not fix your problems. I mean it pays well but… You know what I don’t care anymore, I feel really bad for Kanae but at the same time I keep banging my head on the table.

Let’s just continue with the manga. So remember Hiroshi the popular guy? He followed Kanae, dragged her away, and then asked her what she was doing, that is where Chapter 1 ended.

Chapter 2, Hiroshi was genuinely concerned with Kanae but she went full on baloney, koo-koo, craaazy! She ran away from Hiroshi and damn she just… Broke. Kanae went home and we see her household is also a big fat mess, her mom and younger brother doesn’t even care that she is not herself anymore. I mean atleast she has a real friend, I have no idea what his name is but atleast she has someone to talk to. The next morning, in school her ‘friends’ kind of dropped a huge bomb of a question.

They asked Kanae if she did it with Hiroshi since they left pretty early from their mini party. Anyway Ichika, her so called friend just started yelling about: “I like Hiroshi-kun!” and “Kanae you are not even cute” whatevah. Kanae did make it clear that nothing happened between her and Hiroshi (because she likes fat ugly guys). So Ichika made this plan to see Hiroshi and asked Kanae to help her to be closer to Hiroshi but of course she did it in a really bitchass way. Basically Kanae is the third wheeler.

Kanae felt really uncomfortable being with Hiroshi since he knows she’s been getting it down and dirty with older dudes. Anyway it was all over, they went their separated ways, Kanae had another melt down, Hiroshi hugs her, Ichika decided to go back and talk to Kanae and she witnessed Kanae and Hiroshi hugging.

Honestly, the manga does take alot of sharp turns. Its like the author is the driver and suddenly he decided to drift and you are along for the ride. Since there’s only 3 chapters I found myself wanting more, the story hasn’t developed much yet and I enjoyed the uniqueness of the plot. I don’t know if this manga is going to be good in the long-run but why don’t you guys check it out? See you guys on the next blog! See yah!

This is Bad

Okay I have been looking for a good manga the whole day but it seems like all manga/webtoons is all about reincarnation in a new world and wakes up as the villain. I feel like I am reading 10 different manga/webtoon with 10 same plots and honestly I don’t want that for my blog, it feels awfully repetitive. It seems that this kind of story has conquered manga/webtoon plot and it is highly overused. I hope I find a good manga/webtoon soon!

Milady Just Wants to Relax

Welcome back to my blog! Today I will dive in to another manga. This manga is written by Mochizuki Beni and Kajiyama Mika. Under the genre(s): shoujo, fantasy, and romance. So let’s get to it.

Honestly I saw the girl carrying food and then I clicked. Yes I am shallow, I just hope that the art looks really nice and there will be food art in the manga. (σ≧▽≦)σ

The manga begun with a woman saying that in her previous life she was a workaholic and her only enjoyment in life is reading webnovels… Gurl I feel you! Anyway she encountered a webnovel about a baroness named Misano who defeated Villainess Ronia and stole Ronia’s fiance, Schneider. In the end Ronia’s evil deeds are exposed and was forced to be expelled from the academy

Anyway our main character feels that there are ways to resolve this peacefully. Our main character collapsed and… Accepted death. (Weird is at sounds it is true, she’s like: okay I’m dead) I guess she died from overworking.

So she was transported into the webtoon that she is reading and gained consciousness as Ronia Gavisera, the villain in the webtoon. Since she already knows how the story is going to play, she let it all happen and happily escaped the academy towards her second life. She already made preparations in opening a cafe at Damscuz.

Okay, from here on I feel like the story is just going way to fast and it is dismissing few details that will benefit the readers. Like the fact that our main character said that her father will disown her but nothing like that was shown, or the reason why she was kicked out of the university because of her “evil deeds”. What the heck did she even do to deserve that kind of punishment?! Obviously the story is rushing towards the part that the author really aims for and that is the main character establishing her own café in a small town with her magic fairies.

How did she learn to use magic? I have no idea. How did she learn how to cook like a pro when her only characteristic is a workaholic woman? I have no idea, maybe magic? The story really did not bother with these kind of details which leaves the readers hanging and accepting the story without and questions.

Let’s get back to the story, so we see the hardship that Ronia had to endure growing up in a noble house. Poor Ronia. We are introduced to Beast-kin, strong creatures who are able to transform to human and people are afaraid of them, although Ronia is not really too bothered. Ronia even find them fluffy.

The Beast-kin mercenaries are really strong creatures, tho they help the town by diminishing crimes the people still fears them. Anyway this group of mercenaries visited Ronia’s café, other customers left, and they… Well… Became really HOT. (♥ω♥*) OH MAMA!

And somehow Ronia is disappointed because they are no longer fluffy… GURL THEY ARE HOT!

So anyway that is where I will be ending this blog, there are only 4 chapters so far and that is how much I can say about it. I do hope we uncover more about Ronia’s past. See you on the next blog!

Berserk of Gluttony

Manga Review! *clap clap*

Author: Takino Daisuke

Genre(s): Fantasy/Shounen

Here I go again, plunging into another Fantasy story but now I am with you guys! So here we go!

We are taken to a place where there’s a huge discrimination between people who are bestowed with a special power by a god, they fight monsters, level up, and essentially they are seen as a superior being in the society and those who are not so lucky.

Then our main male character was shown being bullied but was pitied and saved by Roxy, and then the scene just changed into him being super freaking cool, he was killing away monsters and was asking for more kills with a simple explanation that his skill is ‘gluttony’.

You gusy know what? I am convinced! He is hot and I’m hooked! I’m going to keep reading this! ≧∇≦

I just found out, his name is Fate… Oh Fate, take me… Just kidding, so from what it looks like Fate is hiding his skill and continued being a gate keeper, at the same time being bullied by assholes. Mah baby Fate!

And of course, Roxy Heart swoops in to his aid and saves him from the bullies. Oh My Baby Fate! Roxy-sama is super sweet too, she’s always helping out Fate… They belong together! ≥﹏≤ But somehow Fate doesn’t want Roxy’s help, maybe he feels inferior from Roxy because she’s a Holy Knight? Oh, oh, oh, that was from the past, oh men, this manga has a messy timeline. Fate acquired his ‘Gluttony skill’ by killing one bandit who escaped from Roxy’s intense fight that we don’t get to see. He also acquired other skill like: Appraisal (I have no idea what that is) and Mind Reading.

He was able to read Roxy’s mind, I hope Fate never meets me, there’s so much smutty thoughts about him on my mind that he might freak.

Fate’ s gluttony skills enables him to consume his slain enemies’ skills and stats which is super cool, also from helping Roxy elliminate all the bandit, she offered Fate to work for her family house which Fate agreed to.

Fate decides to purchase a weapon but since he was poor all that he can afford are weapons from the trash or weapons that are no longer in good shape but MAGICALLY there is an awesome looking black sword there… Like who in their right munging head would throw that sword away?! It looks so cool! ….AND FUDGE! THE SWORD TALKS! Wait does it talk? I think it is mentally conversing with him!

Now armed with a talking sword he goes off killing goblins. I also learned that the talking sword chooses his own master which was why he ended up in the trash(?), Fate should name that sword because its is not only cool but its also sweet.

o==[]::::::::::::::::> (♥ω♥*)

Anyway that’s it for now, I can’t be spoiling everything. Check this manga out, its pretty cool the art is also beautiful!

I’m a Villanious Daughter, So I’m going to keep the Last Boss

Welcome back to my blog, so I have started reading this new manga. I looked at the cover, saw the dragon, and clicked. (Yeah that’s how shallow I am) (╥_╥)

This manga is written by, Nagase Sarasa and Yuzu Anko.

Genre(s): shoujo, comedy, fantasy, romance, slice of life, supernatural

Well the story is about a sick girl who loves playing a game (a fantasy game), and I kind of guessed that she died(?) and her soul was transferred inside the game that she was playing. Okay I find that really scary, I watched an episode in Adventure Time, when Jake and Finn was transferred in the game that they were playing and the game looks so much scarier when you are playing it as the first person’s view rather that the guy behind the screen, and if you’d think about it are you really equipped to play as yourself inside a game where you can die and face monsters alone? SAO vibes everyone!

Anyway, so the girl (I still have no idea what her name is) gained consciousness in the middle of the game where the Crown Prince is announcing that he will be annulled to the character she is in. (Note: She remembers fragments of her previous life as the sick girl) that is where she remembers who those game characters are.

There is our main character in this manga Irene (but her name changed drastically to Aileen at chapter 3), she’s the blonde on the manga cover. Also she is the supposed-antagonist in the story. So basically imagine yourself waking up as Cinderella’s evil sister! Horrible am I right? Also she has to do everything she can to change the fate of her character towards a horrible death.

Crown Prince Cedric, the prince who Irene/Aileen is supposed to marry.

Lady Lilia Rainworth, Crown Prince Cedric fell for her and thus breaking his marriage with Irene/Aileen. She is also the main protagonist in the game, she was once a commoner and became the baron’s daughter. (Basic rags to riches cliché)

Demon King Claude, the oh so hot King. (Yes we got another King Claude here people) The older brother of Crown Prince Cedric but he was sent away from the palace and he got his place revoked as the crown prince.

So basically she only has one agenda, GET THE GOOD ENDING! In the manga we are guided by Irene/Aileen because she has first hand knowledge with where the story is going to go, the characters choices and decisions affects how the story is going to end. Since Irene/Aileen already knows how the story will end, we can say she skipped so many levels and messed up the story line of the original story of the game by presenting herself to the Demon King, King Claude. The Demon King is supposed to be the last boss in the game.

So after Irene/Aileen was humiliated in font of nobles, she went to the Demon King’s castle (barged in his land) the Demon King showed up in all of his hotness and if you don’t believe me, well here’s proof.

Kyaaaah!! (ノ*>∀<)ノ♡ he is just too gorgeous! Thank you artists for drawing him so mudging well! Arigatou!

Back to the topic, Irene/Aileen asked the Demon King to marry her and this is how the manga is going to progress!

I don’t want to further spoil this manga for you guys, I totally recommend this, a must read if you are a hopeless romantic like me, and if you already read this manga why not share your thoughts with me on the comment section down below. ^ω^

Koisuru Ketchup Oniichan Tachi Ni Nerawaretemasu

As I was scrolling through Shoujo Manga and I came across this one, I don’t really give any thoughts about the cover… But maybe I should have? Anyway I went for this manga, its new, there is only one chapter (so far) and the art looks really nice.

Okay so we are introduced to the 3 main characters: fist is Noka, the food loving girl whose parents died which almost left her as an orphan but her two male cousins swoops into her aid and adopted her. Then there’s the famous hot cousins Toki and Yashiro, yes, you read it correctly they are hot! They are oozing with sex appeal!

In the story the two cousins are very affectionate and protective with Noka which was so cute because hello?! Who doesn’t want a strict/sweet brother who always had your back?! And there’s TWO OF THEM! So cute!

But then… Everything went SMUT so fast I had to check the genre because I was so sure that I was searching at the Shoujo category!

Toki and Yashiro are very… Creative with the usage of their favorite condiments that you might not look at ketchup and mayonaise the same way again.

Its the battle between the two cousins Toki and Yashiro on who gets Noka fucked so hard her guts will be rearranged.

If you are interested, I say… Why not check it out? If you like smut that is . The Author is Kirato Ruka and the title is right there so give it a whirl I guess.

Welcome to my Anime blog

This blog will be about my reaction towards manga, animes, and webtoons, also it is my way of recommending specific works to you. I will present some details about it, a short plot that will hopely help you guys choose a good manga or webtoon to read and anime to watch.

I will also give my reactions, and if there is an anime, manga, or webtoon that I critique negatively and goes against your thoughts, I do hope it does not start hate, everything in this blog is purely my opinion, tho I will try and judge everything as critically as possible.

I hope you follow me in this journey! Stay kawaii!